The Indian Wrecking Crew

This is the story of three America motorcycle racing champions who rode their Indian "Big Base" Scouts to victory against the factory machines of Europe and Harley Davidson and won even though the Indian motorcycle company was going out of business.  Bobby Hill, Bill Tuman and Ernie Beckman bested all the competition coast to coast on dirt tracks and road courses all across the United States.  Bill and Bobby both won the legendary Springfield Mile. Bill and Ernie won the Charity Newsies and Bobby the famed Daytona Beach course where you fought the sand as well as the surf on a course that changed every lap.  These three are true heroes of American motorcycle flat track racing from our "Greatest Generation".  When the editing for the documentary has completed and the documentary is on the market  buy a DVD or download the video and let the Indian Wrecking Crew tell you their own story traveling 60,000 miles a year to race motorcycles in the days of handshifters, hardtail frames and racing motorcycles with no brakes.


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